In Starting Over: A Way of Life, Luis J. Echarte takes us along on a courageous and moving journey through personal and professional experiences that have demanded time and again that he start over. With his unique sense of humor, strength, and generosity, he shares the lessons learned over the years:

  • The best leaders are capable of seeing possibilities where others see nothing.
  • When there’s conflict, first you have to hit your opponent with everything you’ve got, literally and metaphorically, and then you talk.
  • Taking risks is a way of leaving behind the enslaving comfort of routine.
  • Always save for hard times, even if the future looks promising.
  • Don’t depend on anyone but yourself, no matter what they promise you. Life circumstances can change, so no word given is infallible.
  • Regardless of how prepared you are for the situation you’re in, there are very few obstacles you can’t overcome if you surround yourself with experts, learn quickly, and are persistent.
  • You have to learn everything about all the areas of your work environment and must always be alert, challenging yourself to learn and do more.
  • You must base your decisions on what is best for you and do as much damage control as possible.
  • Diplomacy is just as important as performance. To advance, you must be able to balance the two.
  • Identify your enemies and keep them close, but choose your allies carefully and don’t trust anyone.
  • Take advantage of opportunities. Accept more responsibility if it’s available. Put yourself in an environment that constantly allows you to learn, improve, and progress.
  • A vision is like a jigsaw puzzle: as you get closer to the objective, little by little the pieces start falling into place until it’s finished. You have to learn to borrow from everywhere to do this.
  • To improve over the long haul, you need to have a vision that you can slowly but surely strive toward.
  • The vision pushes us toward the life we want. It is the energy of progress, and also our way of escaping from our comfort zone.
  • The market is the best source of information. Ask your customers what their priorities are, and then calibrate your actions according to their needs.
  • We must be independent thinkers, or we risk losing our identity forever.
luis J Echarte
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